Summer Paper Release

Post date: Jul 3, 2014 12:02:21 AM

In a perfect alignment of collective writing and productivity, many of our lab mates have published 5 papers in the last month.

  1. Preston Landon and Alexander Mo have published on a novel gold golf ball colloidal structure in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
  2. Jeanie Kwok, Brian Meckes, and Fernando Arce have worked on mechanical properties of meniscal tissue published in Nanomedicine.
  3. Brian Meckes and Srinivasan Ramachandran adapted the AFM to measure localized redox activity in live bacteria and is reported in Analytical Chemistry
  4. Alan Gillman, Joon Lee, Srinivasan Ramachandran and Fernando Arce have characterized pore activity of pyroglutamate modified amyloid beta in Journal Physical Chemistry B
  5. Joon Lee, Alan Gillman, Srinivasan Ramachandran and Fernando Arce have also looked at the membrane binding activity of pyroglutamate in Biochemistry

Congratulations to all the authors for getting their work published!