Oct Announcements

Post date: Oct 1, 2015 6:43:23 PM

Now that is officially fall 2015, the UCSD school year has started up again. That means a lot of changes are afoot again.

Congratulations to Brian Meckes on successfully defending his PhD thesis entitled "Design and Development of Integrated Multi-Modal Scanning Probe Microscopy for Structure—Function Imaging of Ion Channels and Receptors ".

We would like to welcome Juan Ybarra, a first year Materials Science & Engineering PhD Student to the group. He will be working on integrating microfluidics with AFM cantilevers.

Finally congratulations to Michael Hwang and Preston Landon for publishing entitled "DNA Nano-Carrier for Repeatable Capture and Release of Biomolecules" in the journal Nanoscale Working with Joon Lee, Alexander Mo, Brian Meckes, and Gennadi Glinsky, the authors developed a more advanced DNA actuator system that can selectively capture DNA coated gold nanoparticles.