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Brian Meckes


PhD. Bioengineering, UCSD (current)

B.S. Bioengineering, Rice University

Project: Conducting Atomic Force Microscopy for Structure-Function Imaging of Biological Macromolecules

Research Interest: AFM-arrays, Conducting Cantilevers, Ion-Channels, Whole Cell Imaging

  1. D.L. Leiske, B. Meckes, C.E. Miller,C. Wu, T.W. Walker, B. Lin, M. Meron, H.A. Ketelson, M.F. Toney, G.G. Fuller. “Insertion Mechanism of a Poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(butylene oxide) Block Copolymer into a DPPC Monolayer.”  Langmuir (2011), 27 (18), 11444–11450.
  2. Arce FTMeckes B, Camp SMGarcia JGDudek SMLal R.  "Heterogenous elastic response of human lung microvascular endothelial cells to barrier modulating stimuli."   Nanomedicine. (2013). doi: 10.1016/j.nano.2013.03.006.a
  3. Mo, A.H., Landon, P.B., Meckes, B., Yang, M.M., Glinsky, G.V., Lal, R. (2014). On-demand Four-way Junction DNAzyme Nanoswitch Driven by Inosine-Based Partial Strand Displacement. Nanoscale, 6, 1462-1466.

  4. Connelly, L.S., Meckes, B., Larkin, J., Gillman, A.L., Wanunu, M., Lal, R. (2014). Graphene Nanopore Support System for Simultaneous High Resolution and AFM Imaging of Conductance Measurements. Applied Interfaces and Materials,  6 (7), 5290-5296.

  5. Meckes, B., Teran Arce, F., Connelly, L.S., Lal, R. (2014). Insulated Conducting Cantilevered Nanotips and Two-Chamber Recording System for High Resolution Ion Sensing AFM. Scientific Reports, 4, 4454.

Conference Posters:

  1. D. L. Leiske,  B. Meckes, H. A. Ketelson, G. G. Fuller. “Investigation of an Amphiphilic Block Copolymer to Prevent Contact Lens Fouling”. ARVO, (2009) Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
  2. H. Barnard, B. Meckes, C. Ambrosi, G. Sosinsky, and R. Lal. “High Resolution Imaging of Non-Crystalline Connexin 26 Hemichannels.” Biomedical Engineering Society Meeting (2012) Atlanta, Ga.
  3. B. Meckes, F.T. Arce, A. Gillman, A.H. Mo, R. Lal. “Conducting Atomic force Microscopy for Simultaneous Imaging of Structure and Ionic Current through Nanopores.”  56th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting, (2012) San Diego, Ca.
  4. P.B. Landon, A.H. Mo, A. Gillman, B. Meckes, S. Ramachandran, R. Lal. “Tunable and regenerative DNA zipper based spring.” American Physical Society Meeting (2012) Boston, Ma
  5. B. Meckes, L. Alfonta, L Amir, R. Lal. “Electrochemical AFM of Surface Modified E. Coli.” UC Systemwide Bioengineering Conference. (2013) La Jolla, Ca
Conference Presentations:
  1. H. Barnard, B. Meckes, C. Ambrosi, G. Sosinsky, R. Lal. “High Resolution Imaging of Non-Crystalline Connexin 26 Hemichannels.” Biomedical Engineering Society Meeting, (2012) Atlanta, Ga
  2. A. Woodcock, B. Meckes, V. Stanley, R. Lal. “Biomechanical Basis of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Protein Misfolding Diseases: Designing a New AFM Probe to Study Amyloid-Mediated Membrane Disorders” 58th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting, (2014) San Francisco, CA.


  1. NIH National Research Service Award (F31 Fellow)