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Lab Alumni (Since 2010)

Graduate Students
Joon Lee/ PhD, Materials Science
Taeyoung (Michael) Hwang/ PhD, Materials Science, Post Doc at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2017)
Leif Antonschmidt / Visiting PhD student, Chemistry in Max Plank Institute, (2016)
Zi Chao (Charles) Shiah / MS Exchange student, EE in Imperial College, (2016) / Working for goverment of Sigapore
Woraphong "Jay" Janetanakit / MS, Nanoengineering, (2016) / Working for government of Thailand
Alexander Mo /PhD, Materials Science, (2015) / Working in Industry (Drug Delivery Experts)
Jeanie Kwok Meckes / PhD, Materials Science, (2015) / Postdoctoral Studies at Northwestern
Brian Meckes / PhD, Bioengineering (2015) / Postdoctoral Studies at Northwestern
Alan Gillman / PhD, Bioengineering (2015) / Postdoctoral Studies at UCSD
Laura Connelly / PhD, Materials Science (2014)/ Working in Industry
Chris Emerson / MS Nanoengineering, Volunteer Researcher (2012) / Working in Industry
Raffaella Fior / PhD Visiting Scholar (2010-2011)/ Staff Scientist at UCSD Nano3 facility
Adam Printz / MS Student, Nanoengineering (2011-2012)/ Continuing PhD work in Prof Darren Lipomi's lab
Casey Sanchez / PhD Student Materials Science (2011-2012) / Continuing PhD work in Prof Charles Tu's lab
Mukanth Vaidyanathan / MS, Chemical Engineering (2012) /Continuing PhD work in Prof Sadik Esener's lab.
Sam Kotler / MS Mechanical Engineering (2009-2011)/ Currently PhD Student in Biophysics at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Research Staff
Shannon King / Research Assistant (2016) / Working in Industry
Fernando Arce, PhD / Project Scientist / Project Scientist (2008-2015) / Faculty Appointment at University of Arizona.
Srinivasan Ramachandran, PhD / Project Scientist (2008-2014) / Working in Industry
Ricardo Capone, PhD / Project Scientist (2009-2012)/ Postdoctoral Studies at UCSD (Lab of William Mobley)
Karen Beeri, MS / Staff Scientist (2010) / Working in Industry
Anna Karra / Research Assistant (2010-2011) / Medical Student at Tulane University

Visiting/ Research Scholars
Prof. Rongzhang Hao, Beijing Institute of Disease Control & Prevention (2017-2018) 
Nathan Khosla / Research Scientist, Chemical Engineering (2016)
Prof. Feng Zhang from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University) / Visiting scholar (2016-2017)
Prof. Liping Wang from Shanghai Jiao Tong University) / Visiting scholar (2016-2017)
Karla Santacruz Gomez, PhD / Visiting Scientist (2014-2015) / Returned to University of Sonora, Mexico
Prof. Lital Alfonta from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Be'er-Sheva, Israel / Visiting scholar (2014-2015)
Prof. Michael Meijler from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Be'er-Sheva, Israel / Visiting scholar (2014-2015)
Ruth Zohrer, PhD / Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar (2011-2012) / Returned to Flinders University, Australia
Prof. Paul Hansma from University of California, Santa Barbara / Visiting scholar (2010-2011)

Siddhartha Akkiraju / 4th year, Chemical Engineering/ Pursuing Graduate School at Purdue 
Samuel Dossou / 4th year, Chemical Engineering
Paul Sud/ 4th year, Bioengineeering
Alice Yepremyan/ 4th year, Bioengineering/ Pursuing Graduate School at UCSD
Alex Colburn/ 4th year, Bioengineering (2016)/ Pursuing Graduate School at Columbia University.
Daniel Vong / 4th year, Mechanical Engineering (2015)/ Continuing undergraduate studies
Baxi Chong/ 2nd year, Bioengineering (2015) / Continuing undergraduate studies
Sanam Mozaffari/ 3rd year, Bioengineering (2014)/ Continuing undergraduate studies
Suri Sherman/5th year, Environmental Science (2014)/ Continuing undergraduate studies
Victoria Stanley/ 3rd year, Nanoengineering (2014) / Continuing undergraduate studies
Jerry Narez / BS Bioengineering (2014) /Working in industry
Paula Anzenberg/BS, Bioengineering(2013-2014)/ Continuing undergraduate studies
Amanda Woodcock / Summer Undergraduate Researcher (2013)/ Continuing undergraduate studies
Aalap Herur-Raman / Summer Undergraduate Researcher (2013)/ Continuing undergraduate studies
Lu Yang/ BS Biotechnology(2011-2013)/ Pursuing Graduate School at Stanford.
Karl Hujsak/BS Nanoengineering (2011-2013)/ Pursuing Graduate School at Northwestern
Alan Gomez/ BS Bioengineering( 2011-2013)/ Working in Industry
Pavan Kanekal /BS Biotechnology (2012)/ Continuing undergarduate studies
Celine Liong/ BS Nanoengineering (2012 / Continued undergraduate studies
Max Yang/ BS Bioengineering (2011-2012) / Continued undergraduate studies
Sinduja Karl Marx/ BS Biotechnology (2011) / Continued undergraduate studies
Anthony Neuberger / Summer Undergraduate Researcher (2010, 2012)/ Returned to UNM
Heather Barnard/ Summer Undergraduate Researcher (2012)/ Returned to UCSB
Yelena Menyaylenko/ BS Biotechnology(2010-2012) / Pursuing M.Eng Bioengineering at UCSD
Samantha Reiss/BS Biotechnology (2011-2012)/ Pursue M.Eng Bioengineering at UCSD
Christopher Paul Hyunbum Seo/Visiting Undergraduate Researcher (2011-2012)/ Returned to University of Auckland, New Zealand
Davis Carlin / Summer Undergraduate Researcher (2010) / Returned to Cal Poly SLO
Sumeet Shroff / Summer Undergraduate Researcher (2010, 2011) / Returned to University of Pittsburgh

High School Students
Gita Multani (2017)
Priya Multani (2017)
Gabrielle Montez (2013)
Luis Castillo (2013)
Connor O'Connell (2013)
Matthew Eliceiri (2013)
Adrian Mendez (2012)
Nancy Ortiz (2012)
Cesar Guerrero (2011)Previous Lab Members