This is a list of the people current in the lab.  Graduate students and lab staff may have webpages further describing their research interests as well as other information they wish to present. 

Principal Investigator

Visiting Scholars

  • Prof. Feng Zhang (Inner Mongolia Agricultural University)
  • Prof. Liping Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Undergraduate Students

  • Alice Yepremyan/ 4th year, Bioengineering
  • Siddhartha Akkiraju / 4th year, Chemical Engineering
  • Samuel Dossou / 4th year, Chemical Engineering
  • Paul Sud/ 4th year, Bioengineeering
  • Sami Kazmi / 4th year, Chemical Engineering
  • Arjun Ray / 1th year, Bioengineering
High School Students
  • Malvika Jain
  • Gitanjali Multani
  • Priyanka Multani
  • Zohar Bashir

                                          Leif Antonschmidt / Visiting PhD, Chemistry, Max Plank Institute
Image result for Leif Anton Schmidt max planck

                                              Nathan Khosla / Research Scientist, Chemical Engineering